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Scania R420 Tag nearside Scania R420 Tag offside
Scania R420 Tag rear
Scania R420 Tag 2012 Scania R420 Highline 6x2 tag axle tractor unit Manual Gear box Alloy wheels side mounted Tipping gear 540 Ltr fuel tank Rear mounted batteries Bumper & Visor mounted spot lights 583000 Ks tested June 2018

Scania P310 6x2 nearside Scania P310 6x2 offside
Scania P310 6x2 rear
Scania P310 6x2 2007 Scania P310 Day cab 6x2 rear lift rigid truck fitted with a 24Ft flat body and an Atlas 1202 Remote control crane. Manual gear box 551,000 Ks Tested May 2018

Scania R420 Topline offside Scania R420 Topline nearside
Scania R420 Topline rear
Scania R420 Topline 2006 Scania R420 Topline 6x2 mid lift tractor unit Full air kit Slining 5th wheel Tipping gear Large fuel tanks Top light bar Tested Jul 2018

Scania R500 offside Scania R500 nearside
Scania R500 rear
Scania R500 2006 Scania R500 Topline 6x2 mid lift tractor unit Full air kit Sliding 5th wheel coupling Analog tachograph 3 pedal opti-cruise gear box Tested Feb 2018

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