Choice of 3 2010 Crane Fruehauf 55 cu. yard alloy step frame tipping trailers Bath tub bodies

Choice of 2008 SDC 13.6 Mtr. tri air flats BPW axles with Drum brakes

Choice of 2 Montracon Tri-Air curtain sided trailers

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Montracon  nearside Montracon  offside
Montracon  rear
Montracon 2011 Montracon 13.7 mtr tri axle curtain sided trailer Barn doors raise & lower valve SAF axles with disc brakes Choice available

Curtain Side Trailer near side Curtain Side Trailer off side
Curtain Side Trailer rear
Curtain Side Trailer 2011 Wilson 13.7 Mtr tri axle curtain sided trailer 4.4 Mtr high BPW axles with drum brakes Very clean and tidy